A is for Atom is a melodic driven alt band founded by Mike Cykoski in early 2012 based in Brooklyn, NY.

It was 1998 and Mike Cykoski had just started playing bass with the promising Colorado-based jam band Zuba. The group had previously self-released 3 albums and had a robust touring schedule of 175 dates a year. The esteemed slapstick movie screenwriter and director duo the Farrelly Brothers used snippets of Zuba tunes in Kingpin and were planning to use full songs in the upcoming There’s Something About Mary, and major labels were sniffing around the swampy folk quintet. Mike felt like he was on the verge of a lucrative career but things didn’t go as planned. “The band ended before a deal happened. It was a bummer, we had a great tour booked and we cancelled it. I remember looking at the itinerary, thinking ‘I’m going to be successful, it’s going to be great,’” he says with a laugh. “And then it was like ‘Oh no, now I’m going back to work at the restaurant.’” After an exploratory journey involving sideman gigs, relocations, and music school, Mike now resurfaces with an EP solo bow of literate, conceptual, thoughtful and playfully-orchestrated modern folk-rock. The A is for Atom 5 song EP will be released on September 18, 2012.


Song For You EP

We’re excited to announce for you, the new “Song For You” EP!